Softbank Dell Streak Unlock

Remove Softbank's CDMA Lock With Secretly Hidden Unlock Code, Get 3G Service From Any GSM Network


Unlocking the Dell Streak from Softbank Japan is now easy thanks to UnlockStreak’s software version 1.30. It finds the operator unlock code that’s secretly hidden on the phone by Dell. And you don’t need Softbank’s approval to do that! 


Previously, Softbank’s hybrid CDMA/GSM Streak required that you first root and then flash the phone with a non-Softbank ROM. In other words, you had to put unbranded software on the phone because Softbank’s own software prevented the phone from prompting for the unlock code when inserting another carrier’s SIM card. In this way, Softbank tried to prevent people from unlocking the Streak.


But if you were able to get the phone rooted and flashed (probably having spent hours on it), the screen you are supposed to see looks like this:


Congratulations. But there is a much less geeky and a more Ninja-like way that doesn’t waste your precious time on the rather technical process of getting Softbank’s ROM off the phone.  May I introduce the Streak Unlocker.

How to find the secretly stored Softbank unlock code on your Dell Streak


With UnlockStreak’s Dell Streak Unlocker, you don’t spend time rooting, flashing, and shouting. You sit back and in under 3 minutes you start using another carrier’s SIM card such as one from DoCoMo.  The Streak unlocking software has a way of finding the folder where Softbank is hiding the Dell Streak unlock code. Once it finds it, it gets the Streak unlocked automatically by entering the code as if you would enter it when inserting a non-Softbank SIM card. In fact, the unlocking is done with or without any SIM card.


Once your Softbank Dell Streak is unlocked, you can enjoy all the benefits of an unlocked phone:

  • Use your Streak on Softbank or on any other (GSM) network

  • Unlock before you travel and save money abroad with a local cheap SIM card

  • Increase the resale value of the Streak because now everybody can buy and use it and not just Softbank customers

  • Have it unlocked for the sake of having options

  • Be able to actually use the Streak if you are not a Softbank customer

Before you try unlocking a Dell Streak from Softbank, you can try the software for free first to confirm that it will work with your particular device. If the unlocker confirms that your Streak is “unlockable”, the software is guaranteed to work with your phone and you can spill the cash ($29) required to get a license key. To find out for whether it’s possible to unlock your specific Dell Streak from Softbank Japan, follow this link:


[Download Dell Streak Softbank Japan Unlocker]