dell streak 5 alive announced that Dell Streak 5 has reached End of Life status and is being taken off the market. On Engadget, the writer even makes it sound like the end of an era. Is the Dell Streak 5 dead? Don't you worry. Only in the US, the product is off the market and if you are in the US, you can easily order it from websites abroad such as or In Japan the Streak 5 is still huge on Softbank (by the way, we're the only ones who can unlock that CDMA/GSM hybrid version of the Streak). In Pakistan, the device came out just a short while ago. And in the UK, Germany and several other countries, this incredible tablet phone gadget is still running indeed. 

Take a look at the complete list of countries where our beloved Dell Streak 5 is still an up to date device:

Dell Streak 5 is still alive!