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We restarted our AT&T iPhone unlock software. It covers all iPhone models locked to AT&T regardless of whether your phone is in contract or not. Please select your model from our site www.unlockstreak.com

To unlock your iPhone from AT&T permanently, it is required that you connect your handset to iTunes and use our UnlockStreak Activation, which unlocks your handset directly through the iTunes software. Once finished, you can use your iPhone unlocked on any network that uses SIM cards. For example, unlock it from AT&T to use it on T-Mobile or on any other network service provider worldwide. By using our unlock service through iTunes, the warranty will be maintained because there is no alteration of the software on the phone. The phone will stay unlocked permanently regardless of firmware and software updates. 

Check that your iPhone is locked to AT&T. Our unlock service works only on Apple devices locked to AT&T. If you are in doubt, send your IMEI to support@unlockstreak.com and we will check the carrier status for free before you order the unlock. The IMEI can be found engraved on the back metal case (original iPhone) or on the SIM tray (all other iPhone models).

How It Works:

  1. Order this UnlockStreak Activation to unlock your iPhone.
  2. Wait 2-8 days
  3. Once your iPhone unlock is ready, we will E-Mail you and ask you to start unlocking with the provided instructions. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. 

Phone Requirements:

  • Must be locked to AT&T
  • Supported models: Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C

Computer Requirements:

  • MAC or PC with latest iTunes software installed
  • USB cable
  • Stable Internet connection
Jack John Brown, a writer,  musician, phone geek, and a long time AT&T customer excitingly received his iPhone 5 shortly after launch date. His phone version came, by no surprise, SIM locked to the carrier. But what's interesting is that the competing service provider Verizon offers the same iPhone 5 as already unlocked, thereby making the thought of leaving AT&T much more compelling since Verizon's phone plan pricing is competitive as well. But he has no intention of switching the carrier.

Jack wants to travel outside the US for a few days and even just a trip to Canada would result in a few hundred extra Dollars in roaming charges. AT&T didn't want to unlock the device until 2014. So Jack found us on the iMore forum and decided to try out UnlockStreak Activations for iTunes to remove the SIM lock on his phone. His review shows how AT&T does not make an exception even for long-term loyal customers such as Jack. Thanks to the 2006 DMCA act, which legalized unlocking in the United States, Jack was able to use a third party unlock such as the one from us. Read his featured article and you'll see how easy it is to make use of your (legal) right to unlock your iPhone 5:

I have incredible news here at UnlockStreak! I tested our UnlockStreak Activations for iTunes on the new iPhone 5 from AT&T and I officially confirm that the unlock went through and is permanent. 

How It Works:

  1. Order the UnlockStreak Activation for the iPhone 5 
  2. Wait 12-36 hours.
  3. Once your iPhone 5 unlock is ready, we will E-Mail you and ask you to start unlocking with the provided instructions. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. 

If you want to unlock your iPhone from AT&T permanently, your phone absolutely must be locked to AT&T or else the unlocking will not go through correctly when you are trying to unlock your device.

To be on the safe side, you can have us check for free whether your iPhone is really from AT&T and whether it is locked or unlocked. Likewise, even if your iPhone is not from AT&T, we'll still do the lock and carrier test on it for free too.

Send your IMEI number to support@unlockstreak.com and ask us to check the carrier status. We will reply within 24 hours 7 days a week.

It's time for an update here at UnlockStreak. We added a new service to our line up:

UnlockStreak Activation for iTunes. 

It permanently unlocks all AT&T iPhone models!

You can use iTunes software and turn it into unlock software for the iPhone as long as your iPhone is locked to AT&T. This service is good for everyone who cannot get the unlock directly from AT&T. 

For more information on how this works, please review the article I posted here:

Japan's carrier Softbank is launching the Streak Pro 101DL in January 2012. We've featured a lengthy preview before but thought we'd share a lot more pictures with the Streak community. Take a look:

I'm excited I must say. Are you excited to get the Streak Pro too? Let me know by commenting below!

Dell has officially rolled out the Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) update to the Dell Streak 7 tablet in Europe as well as in the US but not all regions have received the update so far. Here is a step by step guide to help you get the latest Android version on your Streak 7.


  1. Make sure your Streak 7 can access the Internet and that the signal is strong.
  2. On your tablet, go to Menu > Settings > About > System updates.

If you have not received the official Dell update, I recommend you either wait a little bit longer, or, if you are willing to mess with your tablet,  proceed below:

  1. Install ROM Manager, which you can get here along with video instructions.
  2. Once ROM Manager is on your Streak 7, use it to install a program called ClockWorkMod. The video in the link above shows you how to do that. Install version 3.0. This process is also called "flashing ClockWorkMod".
  3. Forum member TheManii from the XDA Developer Forum gives step by step instructions for how to get the correct update onto your Streak 7. View the instructions here and read them carefully.
If you want to see what Android 3.2 looks like before you do the update, check this article on StreakSmart.

And if your Streak 7 is still locked to a carrier, it's time to unlock it with UnlockStreak. Unlocking removes the SIM lock on the tablet and lets you use your Streak 7 on any carrier worldwide.

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